About Amy Pedersen

In the dynamic realm of real estate, Amy Pedersen wears many hats. Passion fuels her multifaceted life in real estate. From her short-term flips to investing in real estate as a long-term wealth strategy, Amy is all in. Known across the Greater Atlanta area as a change maker, she transforms lives in the Greater Atlanta area by championing her clients' real estate interests and investing her time, talent and treasure to causes close to her heart. With her heart on her sleeve, Amy has a proven track record for helping people navigate through various seasons of change. 


After years in the corporate world as a marketing consultant and executive, Amy followed her passion for all things real estate. As a top-producing agent, she has helped countless individuals and families navigate their seasons of change and find their place in the world. 

Amy begins each initial client consultation the same way. And it's not how you think. Yes, understanding what they are looking for in their next home is important. That said, Amy first seeks to understand what is inspiring this change in their life and what success looks like to them in this next chapter. 

Seasons of change come in many shapes and sizes, after all. Buying and selling homes are frequently involved in the following life changes:

No matter what the season, Amy and her team are there. 

Real estate can be high-stakes business, after all. 

Beyond the major financial decisions involved, buying and selling real estate can have emotional implications as well. This marriage of big money and high emotions is heightened when buying and selling homes. 

Amy's commitment to personalized service, market expertise, and strong negotiation skills have earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor in the real estate world. Everyone's situation is unique, and her goal is to ensure that every real estate journey is smooth and successful.

House Flipper & Designer

Flipping houses isn't just a job; it's a true passion for Amy. Over the years, she has successfully transformed neglected properties into stunning, market-ready homes. This journey is not just about maximizing profits; it's about breathing new life into spaces and communities. Amy relishes the creative process of turning outdated and often overlooked properties into gems that buyers are eager to call home.

Amy's renovation projects often begin with a vision, inspired by the unique character of a property. From selecting the perfect paint colors to sourcing reclaimed materials that add character, Amy finds joy in the evaluation. 


As a buy and hold investor, Amy firmly believes in the power of real estate as a wealth-building strategy. Her investment philosophy is grounded in thorough research, risk assessment, and long-term planning. 

When choosing to buy an investment property, Amy wants to see at least two practical strategies. Whether it's a short stay rental like an Airbnb or a mid-term furnished rental for insurance companies or travel nurses or a traditional long-term rental, Amy considers various buy-and-hold exit strategies in addition to flipping houses.  


Inspired by Amy and her husband, Jon’s, son, who fought and beat cancer, the team at Purpose Driven Real Estate Group supports non-profit organizations with a portion of their profits, particularly those designed to eradicate childhood cancer.

Amy and the team are grateful for the opportunity to support various organizations with their time, talent, and treasure as part of their #FlipItForward culture. Here are some of their favorite organizations they actively support: 

Content Creator

In addition to one-on-one advising, Amy regularly shares her knowledge and experiences as an author, speaker and video content creator. Whether it's her written word or an engaging video, Amy covers a wide range of topics, including approaching real estate with empathy and understanding in addition to traditional real estate matters such as market trends, investment strategies, and the importance of design in real estate. 

Read Amy's latest blog below and follow her socials to be updated on the latest updates.